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YouTube Ultimate %100 Proven Method

by phannipa
%100 proven method

Create insanely popular YouTube videos with no cam or microphone.

YouTube Marketing Is Different From Traditional Search Engine Marketing

In the past, many internet marketers tried their luck at YouTube and failed miserably – I know because I was one of them. The reason many internet marketers enthusiasts fail at YouTube is because they apply the same methods to the online video streaming platform than they do to regular google search results. By doing so, they forget to take one crucial thing into consideration: the user’s intent. Let me take an example. A couple of years ago, I started playing around with YouTube and decided to start uploading my own videos. For my first upload, I settled on promoting an affiliate offer from a Web hosting company. I wrote a script, hired a couple of actors and even shot and edited the video using professional equipment. I named the video “You won’t believe that amazing 90% discount at ABC Web Hosting!” and waited for the visitors to flock to my new video and click on the affiliate link I had pasted in the description box. The results of that experiment? 528 views in 12 months and about $20 in affiliate commissions for a video that had cost me at least ten times that to make. And I am not alone here: many Internet marketers – even very successful ones – have failed miserably when trying to promote offers on YouTube, causing them to dismiss YouTube entirely with a casual “No one makes money on YouTube unless you’re a YouTuber.” As I mentioned earlier, the problem with my video was not its quality, but rather the fact that I had not taken into consideration the average YouTube user’s intent.

Not Every Type of Content is Suitable for YouTube

When people go to Google to search for something, they do so for a multitude of reasons, from buying something to learning about a specific topic, finding hotel reviews or discount coupons, meeting people… The list is endless. On the other hand, when people go to YouTube, they only do so to either get entertained or to learn something. Any video that does not fall squarely into either one of these two categories is doomed to fail. Now, let’s go back to my original video. Why did it fail? Well, it failed simply because no one ever goes to YouTube to type “web hosting discount” in the search box. People do so on Google, not on YouTube. At this point, you may think: “Hey, wait a minute there, man! When I go to Google, I get YouTube results in my search results and they always rank high! So, even if no one ever found my “Get the Best Mortgage in Toronto” video on YouTube, people would still find it when they search for “best mortgage Toronto” on Google!” Short answer: nope. Google is quite good at finding out the user’s intent based on the keywords or phrases she entered and will only return YouTube videos on the first page of the SERPs if it thinks the user is looking specifically for video content or for instructional/entertainment-type content.

YouTube Videos Must Contain Quality Original Content

Over the years, many Internet marketers have come up with ways to try to “game” YouTube by uploading quickly-made videos created with Animoto or by re-uploading videos that have a “Creative Commons” tag. Some have even published Weapon SystemsOfficers promoting those same methods to unsuspecting Warriors. The fact is, YouTube users should never be underestimated. They – very quickly – upvote content that they enjoy or click the dislike button on videos that are poorly made or videos that they have already seen on other channels. In short: you can’t “game” YouTube. Your only option if you want to make it big on YouTube is to give the site’s users what they want: original, quality content. Unfortunately, creating original quality content is not easy. Sure, there are YouTubers out there who got famous and are now making millions thanks to their videos but, let’s face it, not everyone has the personality, looks or sense of humor required to make it big thanks to their personality alone.

Unless you have great on-screen presence and a ton of confidence to boot, your chances of making it big on YouTube while appearing on screen or doing voice-overs is close to nil. Which brings me to my method. By using the method I am about to outline, you will be able to create original, quality content that people actually want to watch on YouTube without having to appear on screen or in voice-overs.

The Method

Based on what we just discussed, your videos should fulfill three criteria: – They should be original. – They should feature entertaining or informative content that people actually want to watch. – They should contain quality content. In addition, to avoid losing your account due to copyright take-downs, your videos should only contain legal content. Finally, to make the method scalable, your videos should be easy to produce. Ideally, you should be able to make several videos per day with minimum hassle. The method I am going to outline right now does fulfill those five criteria, therefore allowing you to create hundreds of hours of popular content for YouTube. But, what is this method about? Well, it’s about quotes. Quotes? Yes, quotes. By using license-free images and music along with anonymous quotes or quotes from religious figures or famous people – which cannot be copyrighted –, you can create an endless number of quotes videos, each targeting a specific issue or interest, from loneliness to depression, love, friendship, school, the Bible or even, if you feel so inclined, certain types of afflictions. As we will see in the next section, this makes monetizing such videos really easy by only attracting highly-targeted viewers. In addition, quotes videos can be made quickly, using either free software or programs that are already installed on your computer. You won’t have to spend a dime to make them. Time-wise, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to make a full 3 minute video, which means that you could easily make 10 videos per day, or even more!

How to Monetize the Videos

You can make money off quotes videos by using one of two distinct methods: promoting affiliate offers or displaying video ads using AdSense, Google’s ad platform.

Promoting Affiliate Offers

As I mentioned in the previous section, creating quotes videos lets you attract a highly-targeted audience. Let’s consider, for example, a video titled “Quotes About Break-Ups.” Just by looking at the title, I can safely guess that the audience for that particular video is going to be mostly people who recently experienced a break-up and are looking to get over it. In addition, because quotes videos are more popular among women than men, I know that the audience is going to be overwhelmingly male. In other words, I now have a captive audience of women who just broke up with their boyfriends or fiancés. Wouldn’t that particular audience love to hear about a downloadable guide on how to find the perfect man, or sign up for a free trial on a cool dating site? Of course, they would love it! For such a video, I would personally look at available offers on ClickBank or other affiliate platforms and search for dating-related offers, especially offers targeting women rather than men. I would then copy the affiliate link and place it in the description box of the video, along with a few words enticing viewers to click on it. Actually, this is exactly what I did a while back. The click-through rate to the affiliate offer for that particular video was over 15%, which is insane. All of that because of the highly-targeted audience quotes videos attract.

Displaying Ads With AdSense

As an alternative to using affiliate offers, you can option to display ads on your videos by ticking the “Enable Monetization” check box when uploading a new video. Please note that doing so is only possible in select countries and if you already have an approved AdSense account. I outline how to circumvent the country limitation and how to get an AdSense account approved fast by following a few simple steps. Once you have enabled monetization on the video, Google will start displaying video ads before your video or small banner ads at its bottom. You will be paid a percentage of the ad revenue generated by those banners and video ads.

Choosing the Correct Monetization Method

Personally, I have had far better results using affiliate offers than I’ve had using AdSense. The only downside to adding affiliate offers to videos is that finding the right offer, signing up for it and pasting the link can be time-consuming if you’re uploading several videos a day. However, I personally find that the financial rewards far outweigh that little bit of extra effort. What I would strongly encourage you not to do, however, is to use both at the same time. Because Google is good at what they do, they will usually present the same type of offers in their ads than the ones you are pitching in the description box. Given the fact that affiliate offers let you earn more money, the last thing you want is for someone who was looking exactly for the type of offer you were promoting to click on a Google ad instead. My final advice: pick a method and tinker it until you achieve maximum commissions.

What You Need


Obviously, for this method, you need a computer. Because the steps outlined in the page rely on Windows Movie Maker, a free program from Microsoft, your computer should ideally run under Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10. If your computer is running under MacOS X, Linux or older versions of Windows, you will not be able to run Windows Movie Maker. There are, however, other free alternatives out there for your operating system. You don’t need an extremely fast computer to follow this method. Any computer – laptop or desktop – released within the last five or six years should be able to output the videos we’re going to create.


As I mentioned earlier, for this method we are going to use Windows Movie Maker. In addition, you will need a graphics editor to create the images containing the quotes. While you can obviously create great pictures with a paid program such as Photoshop, you can achieve very similar results with a free program such as Paint.net (not to be confused with the dreadful Paint program built into Windows) or GIMP, which are both available under a wide variety of operating systems.

YouTube Account

Since you are going to upload videos to YouTube, you obviously need a YouTube account. Both brand new and aged accounts are perfectly suitable for this method. If you already have a YouTube account, you may want to create a new channel dedicated to your quotes videos. You can find more information about creating a YouTube channel over here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1646861?hl=en

And… That’s It!

See? I wasn’t lying when I said you could create videos without spending a dime! 😉

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